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SASA! is a groundbreaking community mobilization approach developed by Raising Voices for preventing violence against women and HIV.


What does it take to prevent violence against women? For us, SASA! is part of the answer. It is uniquely designed to address a core driver of violence against women and HIV: the imbalance of power between women and men, girls and boys. Documented in a comprehensive and easy-to-use Activist Kit, SASA! inspires and enables communities to rethink and reshape social norms.

What makes SASA! unique?

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  • SASA! is about power: SASA! is unique in its focus on unpacking power, both its positive and negative uses, shifting away from the traditional focus on “gender” towards the heart of the problem.
  • SASA! walks communities through a process of change: SASA! evolves step-by-step, avoiding the chronic cycle of awareness-raising.
  • SASA! involves everyone! SASA! engages a critical mass of people across all levels of society in order to create social norm change.
  • SASA! is personal: It is more than just a program or a job. It is a part of us. SASA! helps staff and community members to reflect on their own lives and relationships before trying to influence others.
  • SASA! works! SASA! is helping to create happier, healthier, safer relationships between men and women around the world.

Sasa is a Kiswahili word that means now. Now is the time to prevent violence against women and its connection to HIV/AIDS. We all have the power to act!

“If it was possible, everyone in this community should come to SASA! activities to hear. They really touch us a lot because they base on reality not just ‘wolokoso’ (empty talking).”
– Community Member



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